Hope Nagy Certified Personal Trainer

Hope Nagy Certified Personal Trainer

Hope Nagy’s love of fitness is evident on both a professional and personal level. Coupled with her nearly 20 years of experience as a fitness professional is Hope’s dedication to fitness and a healthy lifestyle. A Certified Personal Trainer and group fitness instructor, Hope devotes herself to helping clients change their habits, change their bodies and change their lives. She discovered her love for fitness while in college at West Chester University, when she became the mascot for a professional football team. After college, Hope went on to be a radio broadcaster at various stations in Philadelphia and New Jersey, but she hung up her headphones and microphone when she became a mom.

As a single mother of two girls, Hope knows how hard it is to make time for physical fitness, but also knows how important it is. Her drive, determination and discipline are things that she instills in all of her clients, especially fellow mothers. Hope firmly believes you can always find time to exercise, and that it is never too late to start your fitness journey. At the age of 40, she discovered a love of mountain biking and adventure racing, and this has led her to spend weekends competing and racing in the Mid-Atlantic area.

At the core of Hope’s personal and professional success is her belief that there are absolutely no limits except for the ones that we place on ourselves, and that reaching our fitness goals improves all areas of our lives. Hope has a no-excuse style, a positive and motivating personality, and a passion for helping others meet their goals, all of which makes her a highly sought-after personal trainer.

Hope is the founder of MotivateHopeStrength Personal Training, and was named Philly’s Top Personal Trainer 2011,2012,2013 and 2014 in Philly’s Annual Hot List and Montgomery County PA’s #1 Personal Trainer. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Hope is proud to be a contributor to many health & fitness publications including her personal fitness blog and social media pages and to have the opportunity to impact and improve the lives of people in the Philadelphia area.

Hope brings her personal experience of going from a stay-at-home mom to a working mom as a fitness professional…showing that there is a way to find time for exercise and to lead a healthy lifestyle while still managing a family. Follow Hope as she brings us “Fabulous Fit Moms.”  and articles like “When I grown up….” She’ll give you tips on how to fit exercise into your busy life, ways to re-energize your life, ideas for making fitness fun while including your kids, and many other great ways to help your whole family gain a love of fitness and live a healthy lifestyle. She’ll also show you that it’s never to late to start living your life, become healthy, start a fitness program and take a chance.

A simple Facebook page called MotivateHopeStrength which started as a place to post inspiration, motivation and fitness tips for clients turned into a page with  over 75,000 followers along with millions of views each day and a page that continues to grows daily. A hands on trainer and motivator  Hope is a passionate person who believes that  everyday you have a choice to be happy or miserable.  Hope has a lot to be happy for everyday. Recently having open heart surgery for a congenital birth defect of her hearts aortic valve she is especially rejoicing in life and the love of her beautiful daughters.

Hope enjoys speaking out about fitness, the importance of exercise and the importance of taking care of your heart. A survivor of an aortic aneurysm and breast cancer she shares her stories very candidly here with her blogs.  She is available for public speaking events and can be contacted at hope@motivatehopestrenth.com


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