11 07 2018

No, I am not fat shaming my dog Marley. Last year at her check up I was told by her vet who by the way I personal train, that Marley needed to lose weight for health reasons. I thought for certain that at this years check up there would be a slight decrease. I was not prepared to see that the scale that read 80 lbs last year was now saying 83 lbs.   Of course I tossed out the standard excuses I hear from clients. Check her thyroid. She didn’t poop today. She’s in menopause. She’s getting her monthly thingy lol But I am her care giver, her scooper, her treat giver. Her saboteur. Well in all honesty there’s other saboteurs in the house when it comes to treats and table food. Well,I am ashamed. I have failed. So I will prolong this bitches life that officially starting today Marley is ……and I will call it what it is …..she’s on a “DIE”t. Oh the paw will smack our legs at the table, the slobber will disgustingly drool while anyone is eating anything that she thinks is ice cream and yes she will cry, ring her bell to go in and out the door to be rewarded with treats for going to the bathroom still at age 7 but this trainer will be strong.


Smile for your “BEFORE” Pictures.

I will not give in to puppy dog eyes and bad breath kisses. If I can look at my clients and tell them their knees hurt cause they’re overweight and to stop drinking alcohol if you want to lose weight then I can look at this fur ball and say NO TREATS FOR YOU! Recently I thought she wasn’t jumping up on my bed at night anymore cause she was getting old and sick. Laying on the floor to sleep. Nope not the case. She’s just fat! Not barrel chested. Not sick. Didn’t gain more muscle in the last year. She just got fatter.

fullsizeoutput_97This additional weight bogs her down and causes more stress on her heart, joints and ligaments and can lead to respiratory problems and even diabetes. Sound familiar? Yes these are all the same ailments that accompany weight gain in adults.I know I tell my clients this daily. So take a look at your pup. Is he or she gaining weight? Have you? Maybe its time for both of you to make a change and start a diet plan. I can tell you right now Marley’s has begun today!



HOPE NAGY, Personal Trainer 


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12 07 2018
Patty Lee

Seriously , I could have written this. Our dog does the same to us! She’s adorable! You can give her frozen green beans or carrots.



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