This Workout is Brought to You by the Letter PEE

10 10 2016

Excuse me while I step inside this room and put on my super hero cape.

I know what your saying. Pee, like peed your pants? Yep, like a piddle in your yoga pants or a leak in your running tights. Some young girl who is reading this is saying “Ewe Gross who does that?”  Just like I would have when I was young and had a perm, wore leg warmers, was queen of step aerobics.  A grapevine over the bench certainly would never have caused me to panic but after child birth came a new meaning to the phrase I laughed so hard I peed my pants.


SUI, Stress urinary Incontinence or better known as “I just peed.” is a real problem and no laughing matter. I train a lot of women so I hear this often and when they say it we both usually laugh.  “I don’t like to jump a lot cause I’ll pee” is often heard. Well ladies you are far from alone. 1 out of every 3 women who have vaginal births have the same problem and even women who have never experienced child birth can have a weak bladder or weak pelvic floor muscles. Also as you age this muscle can weaken. The pelvic floor muscles control the urethra which is the bladders opening and this muscle like all muscles needs to stay strong.

Look at me, I am typing a blog but I bet you can’t tell I am also strengthening my pelvic muscles. That’s right I’m doing my kegal exercises. I’m not a giant leaker. Why? Because when I was pregnant the older women I worked with talked about this peeing problem  so much and they told me to do kegal exercises all the time.  I got so paranoid that for nine months I walked, drove, ate, worked and even peed doing my kegal exercises. Pee a little in the toilet and stop and pee a little and stop. I still do this.  I could break someones neck with my va-jay- jay by the time I gave birth but daughter number one and two decided to be C-Sections and didn’t take the route of the birth canal therefore not stretching out the scenery along the way.  Occasionally though I will forget to empty my bladder and start teaching a spin class and hello tight pelvic muscles ….do your job cause I cannot jump off this bike and leave my class hanging.



Throughout my 15 years as a personal trainer I have suggested to my lovely ladies of leakage to insert a tampon. The pressure of the tampon can add pressure and  support the uterus and stop urinary incontinence. Some makers of tampons have gotten smart and now market basically a tampon for SUI. I also know a lot of gals wear a panty liner. But they all say it’s annoying, moves and is gross. Especially with workout clothes. So when I saw an ad for Pee-Proof undies called Icon I thought let’s give this panties a wiz.


Loaded up on my usual cups of coffee and lot’s of water I put on my big girl panties by Icon, tighten my ponytail and began my workout which consisted of some treadmill running, jump rope, lot’s of squats with jumps, weight lifting and abdominal exercises. Most of the time when one of my client’s say’s “I’ve got to run to the bathroom I leaked” it’s during abs. So I made sure to hit the abs hard. The Icon panties have a built in absorbent liner and it was not bulky nor cumbersome. You could not see the panties through my tights and I normally go commando in my workout pants so this was great. The Icon pantie comes in a thong, bikini style and a high waist and are  $30 a pair.  While that might sound pricey to you, but unlike a panty liner you wash them and wear them again.  Pantie liners  are $3-$8 a box and tampons even more. I tested the black bikini in a size medium.  I should have gone with the small.  I also should have, knowing I was going to put these through the workout test and I get major *SWASS  should have ordered the thong style. I may not be a major leaker but I am a major sweater and wick away underwear wouldn’t help.  You can go on their web sight and check out the styles and their sizes.   Now I do not look as sexy and gorgeous as the models above in my Icon panties which is why there is no picture of me leaping across your screen in my panties but I am giving you an honest review of this product as I often am asked to promote things and most often say no. The icon pantie was really nice. Felt great. Looked nice and being someone who has worn bike shorts, I really felt nothing in crotch area. SUI is a serious problem for women so I do recommend these  panties cause nothing makes you feel less sexy than grabbing those old granny panties in the back of the panty drawer, oh you have them,  and sticking a piece of paper with a glue strip in the crotch. It’s reminds me of the mouse traps in my basement and that my friends is ewe.

Here is a link for $10 off your Icon order: $10 DISCOUNT ICON.COM

*SWASS noun. A contraction of the words sweat and ass. A non gender-specific term used to describe the sweat found around a person’s ass.  Better known as “sweaty ass” and “swamp ass”





Hope Nagy Personal Training





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10 10 2016

Thx for the great read, Hope!!

Marsha Wolfe

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