Happy New You, New Attitude, New Beginning.

1 01 2013



A number of mixed emotions fill us all as we say goodbye to one year and move into a new one. We are not only saying goodbye to both good and bad memories, but we are also another year older. I will turn 50 this year. Yes, I said it. The big 50.  New Years reminds us all how quickly time passes. Were we not all here this time last year?  Reflecting  on things and making a list of what we hope this new year brings?

As I reflect back on 2012 I am happy to say I remain healthy, my family remains healthy, and the closest people in my life are all doing well. There were things that I wish didn’t occur, but with every obstacle I have faced or watch others face, I have also witnessed an unbelievable amount of strength from within.

I don’t believe in New Years Resolutions but I would be a liar if I didn’t admit I make one each year. To finally stop biting my nails took me about 18 years and a video of seeing myself doing it to finally stop.  Talk about a gross and disgusting habit! Did I really do that?  Each NYD the resolution made by most people is to lose weight or to start working out. I certainly never want to be Debbie Downer and hope that if  this special wish at midnight works for you ,then I am sincerely happy.

My clients, who always touch me in different ways, were absolutely amazing this year. I had no quitters. Not one person said to me this exercise stuff is for the birds. In years past I had people who opted for knee replacement surgery rather than just losing weight like the doctor suggested.  I saw in past years Type 2 Diabetes affect people, they start to exercise and eat better only to decide to take medicine because it’s easier than eating healthy and exercising.   I can rattle on here with a list of reasons why people quit exercising, but I am so happy to report that this did not occur this past year.  My biggest obstacle, or should I say client, was one girl who came to me over a year ago with this attitude. “I’m fat. I will always be fat. I do not have that kind of body. I have succumbed to this fact that will always be fat.” This pissed me off.  Week after week, weigh in after weigh in I heard this come out of her mouth.  As hard as I tried to convince her to stop thinking this way and have confidence I was failing.  I don’t like to fail and my biggest problem in being a trainer is that sometimes I want for someone to succeed more than they do.   Now, I am not a matchmaker, but on one hand I had someone who needed a little “umph”  and another client who was boiling over in “umph”. I know now they both thought I was insane when I suggested I wanted them to be each others workout buddies.  They each had qualities that would benefit the other.  I knew one of them needed the workout dates, the commitment, the positive energy that came  from the other one.  I love seeing these gals at the gym now. Most of the time together gabbing, but still working hard.  Together they lost weight.   As for the one who would tell me repeatedly that “I’m fat and will alway’s be fat“, well let just say she doesn’t say that anymore!  She has been successful in losing weight, getting under a certain number and continuing to set new, small goals.   This client made my year. Not because she lost the most weight, because she didn’t. She wins because she lost that horrible attitude and low self-esteem that I dislike so much.  She now comes in with a smile on that gorgeous face, and she might mumble to me to go easy on her, and mention some lame excuse as to why she is going to be dragging but she knows all I hear is “blah blah blah”, and she usually says “why do I even bother to tell you?”  She really made my year and made me proud to be her trainer. Sorry, cold exterior, soft heart.  But it all comes down to one thing, ATTITUDE. You have to start with a good one.  Remember, when you make a resolution or goal for this year you have to start things off with a positive attitude.

I’d like to conclude by letting you know last years New Years Resolution I made… to not go to Starbucks as much!  It was a way for me to be more practical with my expenses.   I started out doing pretty well, skipping every other day, only to end the year of 2012 with my Starbucks cup in my hand as I write this!

As another year passes us by, I relish in the fact that I am another year wiser and owe most of that wisdom to the mistakes I’ve made, the chances I have taken, and the valuable lessons I  learned from friends, family, clients and strangers.  I had another year of watching my two beautiful daughters grow, developing  into maturing young women.  I took my older daughter  to college and drove away numb and crying thinking, “stop the clocks please, I don’t want her to grow up!”  I also saw my youngest daughter  drive away in the mom taxi and tear the apron strings from my heart. I ended  2012 with my supermom cape on a hook nearby, available to grab when needed, and also officially being the shortest girl in the house, if you don’t count Marley my crazy boxer!

2013 New Years resolution I will tell you next year.  Thank you to all the amazing people who read my blogs, and follow MotivateHopeStrength on Facebook, TWITER, Tumblr, Pinterest and wherever else I have managed to post motivation.  Here’s to the New Year,  may your goodbyes be quick and your hello’s quicker and may you stay safe, healthy and happy.

Here’s to a great 2013,


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11 02 2013
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