9 12 2012

When I asked people to tell me what was on their fitness gift wish list I expected people to post or send me a lot of new fitness gizmo’s that they hoped to receive this holiday. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that people wanted basic fitness things. With the exception of the TRX suspension bands which a lot of people said they wanted, most of the items  are the tried and true. The basics.  In no order here are your top 10.

1. Heart Rate Monitor – Polar being most mentioned

2. TRX Suspension bands –

3. Resistance Rubber Bands and Free Weights

4. Gym Bag

5. Workout Clothes (Lots of Lulu Lemon  requests from the ladies)

6- Ipod

7- Gym membership

8 – Personal Training & Fitness Class Gift Certificate

9 – Treadmills

10 – Workout DVD’d (P90X(2), Insanity and Zumba topped the request list)

Here are some fitness related items that you might be interested in. They are on my fitness wish list or things I just really like. 


Oakley – Women’s Specific Sunglasses . I hate wearing men’s glasses. They fall off my face and annoy me.

Image  Interval timer.


WORDLOCK – Great for people like myself who forget the number combo.


This is a inexpensive cute gift $8 (keychain) and comes in 13.1


Love this Brave the Cold cap by LUCY.  It has a hole for my ponytail.,default,pd.html?cgid=Accessories&dwvar_110834_color=ASPHALT/POSEIDON


Vinyasa Scarf by LuLu Lemon. Love this.


This is great. It has a big zipper pocket in the back for my key and emergency 5$ bill. lol


FITMARK bag.  Tough strong bag which is great for gym, travel etc.  Different sizes and styles.


SOCKS SOCKS SOCKS – I have my favorites. But spending 10-14.99$ on a pair of socks kills me since I always lose one. So socks to me are a great gift. I’m showing my newest favorite pair which were a gift – Experia Socks by  Therlo. Low like I like them and not too thick and not too thin. Cool colors too and my favorite black. Right now I saw there is a sale buy 3 get one free.

Lastly, I also think the best gift is a heart rate monitor and hope to get one with GPS this year. My always love is UGG moccasins after a hard workout, rainbow flip flops after a hard workout and with the iPod this gal’s butt would never budge and inch. (Music make’s me move)

As I always mention the best gift comes from the heart and showing someone you care is what means the most. It is the season for giving and that doesn’t mean it has to come in the form of a wrapped gift. Take a walk or a run with a friend. Get someone you love to make a doctors appointment for a long due physical and offer to go with them. Make ammends with someone because stress wreaks havoc not only on your mind but on your body.  I can go on and on but be mostly be kind to everyone because we all are fighting some kind of battle.

Happy, safe and always a healthy holiday season. Now go workout!




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9 12 2012
Julie Siegel

great post as always Hope thanks for the suggestions. And I love the last line of this-so true


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