What to buy and not to buy a fitness fanatic for the holiday’s

30 11 2012

Have a hardcore fitness devotee in your life and aren’t sure what to buy them? Well here are some simple guidelines you can follow.

1. Never ever buy a fitness related gift …. gym membership, training sessions, dvd’s, or enroll someone in a weight loss program  who “YOU” think needs to lose weight.  Bad idea. It’s like giving your wife a vacuum cleaner.

2. Most fitness people  have specific things they use, wear, or want.  Try to find the EXACT item for them.

3. Always a safe bet is a gift certificate for a favorite website or store that you know they frequently shop at.  Trust me, they will like this better than another water bottle, yoga mat or towel!

4. Don’t buy vitamins, supplements, protein powders, or goo. Once again gift card to their favorite store for this  type of thing.
5. Exercise equipment is great but goes back to rule number 1. Tread lightly on this and be certain that the person wants this as a gift. Be specific, and find out a model number if needed, or you will be shlepping a 300lb treadmill back to Sears.

Some gift suggestions:
1. Renew a gym membership, or pay for a few months. Just make sure they plan on staying at that particular gym!

2.Gift certificates are not very personal, but having been a gym rat for a long time, I can assure that every year there are hardcore workout people laughing, and crying, about gifts they received from friends and family that meant well.  No hello kitty earbuds please!

3. Heart rate monitors  are a great way to say “I love this muscle, keep it pumping strong”. There are so many great APPS that can be used today with monitors.  This is a great gift.  Look  for one compatible with their particular phone.  Blue tooth capability, GPS ability, and Hart rate monitors can be combined with programs you can upload to record every aspect of a workout. This is on my list, hint hint! (Polar Wearlink Transmitter with blue tooth)

4. Custom Quilt with their race shirts that are an overabundance. Lot’s of sites do this. Just google race t-shirts quilts.

5. More of their favorite socks that they wear when exercising. Good socks can be pricey so if they have a favorite pair, chances are they would love another set.

6. Massage  – this one usually scores high on the great gift list for a workout fanatic.

7. Personal Training Sessions are a often asked for, but keep in mind that not everyone would be thrilled by this gift.  So you shouldn’t buy someone training sessions just because you want them to exercise or to be healthier. This can however, be a great gift if your loved one has expressed an interest in training but is reluctant to spend the money, or is too intimidated to try it on their own.

8. But the best gift you can give someone is the one that comes from the heart. So if your budget is tight this year make a coupon.   A walk, run, bike ride, and then coffee for a friend.  Supersets and sex for your lover. lol  Be creative!

Whats your favorite fitness gift you ever received? What is on your fitness wish list this year?  E-mail me at hope@Motivatehopestrength.com, post it on the MotivateHopeStrength Facebook page, or tweet me at @motivatehope and I will pick one lucky winner to win a gift from me.  You got it. It’s another gym t-shirt with a saying like “I TRAIN LIKE A GIRL try to keep up”, or “STRONG is the new SEXY”, or “STRONG WOMEN only intimidate weak men”,  or a MotivateHopeStrength.com tank.

Got a question? Got a personal training question? Interested in personal training? Got a great gift idea.  I would love to pass it on.  E-mail me at hope@motivatehopestrength.com

If you or someone special live in the Philadelphia/Montgomery County PA area and are interested in a Gift certificate for Personal Trainings please check out my Special that is going on now till December 31, 2012 3 Training Sessions for $150.00 Go to motivatehopestrength.com or  for more info or e-mail me at hope@motivatehopestrength.com




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