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1 01 2012

This has been a great year for me as a personal trainer. Not because I saw significant gains in my income but because I saw big changes in everyone’s dedication to their own fitness goals.  Take this December that just ended.  Past years were full of less committed clients and cancellations for various reasons, such as  shopping and parties.  But this past December was different in a good way.  There weren’t any poor excuses.   If anything I had the opposite. Clients were asking “Hey Hope do you have another day  for me this week I need to squeeze in an extra  workout.” People were more aware of the holiday pounds that usually creep on, and knowing this fact chose to make their exercise a priority over eating, drinking and shopping.

This past year I met  many new clients, each with their own individual goals. Many wanted to lose weight, build muscle and some just needed a new routine. Usually when  someone comes to me with their wish list, I explain that THEY will have to work on their own as well. I’m going to give you homework, and a plan that you must follow in order for your goals to be achieved. My  brides to be this year were the best. Ladies you put the “buff” in bride. Nothing makes me smile more than the pictures you send to me in your wedding gowns flexing!  It truly was a “WOW” year.  I loved, loved, loved seeing someone walking around the gym closely following the workout that I had  emailed to them. I always look forward to the e-mails and texts that say I ran this, I took this class, I went to the gym and I did this, I ate this, I didn’t eat that and by far my most favorite was “I finished my first race”.  An amazing year of clients who took their first spin class or did their first 5/10K’s, group bike rides and races.  Never when someone told me they were doing a race or a ride did I ever doubt that they would finish. In my mind when they signed up they were already winners because aside from becoming stronger physically, they became more confident with themselves overall. I waited for the text and email messages that told me you finished, and felt the joyful emotion in your words.  Smiley face was really you smiling!  I felt like a proud momma!

I had my share of “I don’t feel well” and I’‘m gonna vomit”, and I’ve driven clients home and I have held hair back away from the tears. Oh yes the tears! Usually I can see this coming. For some reason this is a common occurence for me. The internal pain that surfaces has become something that I am usually good at detecting within the first few training sessions.  I found the most common reason for the tears is the lack of one’s ability to believe in themselves, that they are worth this! That they are strong enough to do this! That it’s ok to be dedicated to YOU! That no, it’s not selfish to take 1 hour a day to workout and be healthy. You’ll still be a great wife, a great mom, a good employee and a good friend.  The battle inside has to be tackled before the battle outside can be won.

2011 was also the year I started a Facebook page called MotivateHopeStrength. This “page” was some little idea I had planned on using to motivate my own clients.  Less than a year in the works and this page now over 7000 fans and has become a source of inspiration and motivation to many. The daily posts, quotes, sayings, and pictures are all things that inspire me, so I pass them on. I love the comments and the  “likes”! I love knowing that someone is driven to go exercise or lose weight because of something that l posted.  What I love most about this page is that many people write to me, telling me the amazing things that they are doing and the battles that they are striving and dedicated to overcoming. Some have been inspired to lose weight, some to run races, marathons, triathlon. Some even battle a sickness such as cancer, and along with that fight continue to  do their best to say positive and be productive. I have even been fortunate to train clients  that have contacted me thru this Facebook page!

Looking back on 2011 I did see a common thread among all my clients. I saw weight go up and go down, but I rarely saw anyone fall down and not get back up. There were no quitters!  Don’t get me wrong. I may no longer be training someone but I am still their trainer. I still care. I’m still here for some motivation and at times, accountability.  But now they are doing it for themselves, by themselves.  Coming to the gym, coming to spin class, going for a daily run, and just plain working out and still letting me know with a smile, a text or email.

So hears to you 2011, time to say goodbye.  I look forward to a new year and the many new people who I will meet that will inspire me!

A happy and heathy new year to all!


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