You’ve made a kid….not an excuse!

4 10 2011

Me 9 months pregnant at my baby shower_MG_2247_WHITE copy

Often as a personal trainer I get the all too familiar phone call in which the woman on the line starts by saying “I just had a baby and Iʼm looking to get in shape and lose weight.” Oh really? “How many months ago did you give birth?” The response is usually somewhere between 13-18 months. “So did I, 228 months ago.” I reply. Thatʼs 19 years ago if you do the math folks. Yep 19 years ago, I gained 59lbs of pregnancy weight, topping out at 184lbs, had a 9lb baby, and left the hospital in my stained maternity clothes weighing 1lb more than when I wobbled in. No, I wasnʼt holding the baby when I when I stepped onto the hospital scale, it wasn’t broken, and no one was being funny and stepping on the back.  Needless to say, I didnʼt leave the hospital in my loose-fit GAP jeans and cute t-shirt I had pre-packed months prior in my “ready for the hospital bag” that sat at the door.

Is there a cut off to the amount of months one can use as an excuse as to why they haven’t lost their baby weight? Is breast-feeding a reason, or an excuse for not exercising.  Plenty of information on this suggests that exercise isnʼt thought to have any adverse effects on breast milk.  But yet it will keep a woman from even moderately exercising until she stops breast-feeding.  There really are very few acceptable reasons for keeping a new mom, or any mom, from exercising.

Excuses usually range from people being too busy with their kids, work, lack of a babysitter, and lack of time. What if I told you that taking 1 hour a day for yourself is only 4% of the entire day? There are too many good benefits to be had by exercising, such as improving your cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, strengthening abdominal muscles, increasing your energy level, relieving stress, and building stronger bones, not to mention preventing sickness and diseases.  When you became a mom you promised to take care of your child, but the other promise should have been to take care of yourself for that child.  Too many times we moms forget that the greatest gift you can give your child is a healthy you.  So the time to start if you haven’t already is today.  Not tomorrow because tomorrow is not a day of the week.

Getting Started

Set a goal.  Not a giant one.  One that is achievable.  Like this week “I will exercise two times.” Each week set a new goal.  Often goals are a set up for failure because they are too big and unattainable at the beginning.  Baby steps see bigger leaps.  Choose an exercise you will enjoy. Walking, jogging, dancing, or join a gym where you can either use the machines, take a class or hire a personal trainer.  Find a friend and swap baby watching while you each exercise or a gym that has childcare.

Motivation is the key so find something that motivates you.  Write it down. Make an appointment with yourself.  Canʼt leave the house?  Get some light weights and an exercise DVD.  The babies nap and the dishes and laundry can wait.  Got to go to work? Get up an hour earlier. No one ever says that they regretted exercising when itʼs over. Just ask all the crazy people at the gym at 5am I see each morning.

Whether your child is 1 month old, or 228 months old, it is never too late to start an exercise program, and itʼs never too late to change your diet.  By the way, my mother told me I would never lose that baby weight 19 years ago.  So I proved her wrong.  Go ahead be selfish take that 4%.  You deserve it, and get started today.  Youʼll feel great, look great, and be a great mom too.  You Made a Kid….Not an Excuse!

This WAS me while I was pregnant!

This is me and my 228 month old daughter now.

Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 4.07.21 PM


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3 responses

29 07 2012
Tisha Fromal

I really do appreciate what you’ve done for yourself, and the message you’re trying to send… but perhaps judging those who call you for not doing it soon enough, isn’t as beneficial as maybe congratulating them on starting?

30 07 2012
Hope Nagy

Hey Tisha, Thanks for reading my blog. Didn’t want you to get the impression that I judge these women. I certainly don’t. I have had a lot of success training women who want to lose that baby weight etc and I totally understand the responsibilities and difficulty of raising kids and making time for ones self. I am a single mom so I get it. I think that’s why women feel comfortable with me and I am a trainer but I usually am a therapist, and ear to listen, another ear to cry to and a friend to my moms. So yes you are right they do need congrats for starting and a big round of applause for making the leap. Take care, Hope

27 07 2013
Jodi Lara

Hope, I love your straight forward talk, I appreciate that alot & I am sure that alot of moms out there like me do too! Keep on encouraging, keep on keeping it honest!

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