2 09 2011

Summer’s over. Weekends to the Jersey Shore  are over.  Running on the boardwalk, riding my rusty bike everywhere, working out at Island Fitness with Pauly D and Ronnie look-a-likes. Done! Soon the tan will fade, the tank tops, shorts and bathing suits will be packed away till next summer. Flip Flops will be replaced with boots and before we know it leaves are falling and we have bulky coats on.  Once we start layering on the clothes we’re less conscious about our bodies. Less accountable for what we eat. Less likely to exercise. Think back to the spring when you turned it up at the gym, or you started to diet for the summer because you thought, UGH I have to put on a bathing suit! What motivated you then? I know when the guys at the gym are getting in shape to hit the beach. They all of a sudden start wiping their faces with their shirts so they can get a glimpse of their abs in the mirrors. My clients start saying… “can we do more abs?”  People start cutting their carbs. It’s amazing to see people go full throttle. Why can’t you keep that intense energy and will power all year long?

It’s important  to stay consistent with your workout and healthy eating habits, because it’s healthier for you to keep your weight consistent.  YoYo dieting is a term often used for this gain and lose pattern. As you age your metabolism slows down so that 5-10lbs that used to be easy to get off might be harder next year.  Not to mention you run the risk for certain health problems. These include high blood pressure, high cholesterol and gallbladder disease. And STRETCH MARKS.  You heard me ladies and gentlemen I said stretch marks. Both genders get them.

While my flip flops stay handy all year long it’s my sneakers that need to possess the same power, speed, motivation and desire that they did in the spring.  You need to not sleep in because it’s dark out in the am, or skip your run because it’s cold out, or bag the gym for the mall. You need to make this the priority it was a few months ago. The season can change but the reason has to stay,  because this is what motivated you.  While warm weather offers more options than being stuck in a smelly gym, fall offers great weather for biking, running and walking.  It’s my favorite time to mountain bike.  And just  like the laundry that you do,  the tanning we can all do without , the “G” as for Gym (or whatever your fitness thing is) has to be done too. The season can change but the reason has to stay because this is what motivated you. It was the want, the need to look and feel good. Don’t fall off your fitness routine this fall.



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8 11 2012
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