20 07 2011

I am not a runner. I don’t say I’m a runner. Don’t pretend to be a runner. Hate every minute of running. But occasionally I run because it challenges me and give’s me a cardio workout that doesn’t have my ass on a bike saddle.  I look for excuses not to run. My bad knee, taught too many spin classes this week, too hot, what if I have to go to the bathroom, etc. I will always find an excuse.  Yes people I am a hypocrite because I am a total NO EXCUSE trainer. I hate the excuses  I hear as to why someone couldn’t workout this week. Trust me, there are people far busier than you finding time.

Some of my clients run. Run far better then I can.  If a new client tells me she can’t run, I usually get them running in a short matter of time. It’s great for losing weight.  Not having a good excuse today, I headed to the boardwalk to  go for a run. Ugh, run? Let’s call it more like a jog. Knee felt great, had great tunes on the ipod, bathrooms along the AC boardwalk, sun was shining.  I laced up the sneaks and in the sweltering heat I headed towards Atlantic City. My turning point, not Trump Casino as usual, but “Its Sugar”, a candy store in the pier across from Trump.  Why? Because I always run to Trump and back, but the other day  a client said she rides her bike to “ITS SUGAR”.  I said most people refer to the Casino’s as landmarks, you referered to a candy store.   Even your landmark is fattening.

With each  pounding motion forward I am  conviced that the boardwalk is actually shaking since I run like a 5 ton  elephant. Linkin Park’s song “Breaking the Habit” blasting in one ear, I’m passing walkers, I’m passing slow joggers, I’m passing the cigarette smokers, cell phone talkers, motorized wheel chairs  and the losers from the casinos walking home in last nights clothes.  I’m dripping with sweat,my non coordinated outfit is soaked i’ve got  sunscreen buring my eyes but I’m giving the little head nod to the people running the opposite way. I’m feeling great!  Then BOOM passing on my left, gliding like a gizzelle, a beautiful blonde in her beautiful  white running outfit looking like an athlete right out of  a Nike ad smokes by me.  In a matter of seconds this chick gets smaller and smaller in my eye sight.  I lost her but not my motivation to press on. No matter how miserable and disgustingly sweaty I look, no matter how much I really  hate running , I always say to myself  “You will never regret doing this but you’ll regret not doing this ” and  “Nobody wants a chubby trainer” I also know that I can do some cheating tonight and eat pizza. Oh yeah! The pizza pulls me! Go forth  sweaty Hope!

I have never heard anyone leave the gym or a training and say that they regreted coming to workout. I have, on the other hand been greeted with “ I was going to cancel on you, but…..”  But what?  I love when we are done and my client says, “I’m so glad I didn’t cancel.“ Of course you are glad.  It’s so easy to find and excuse not to exercise. Imagine if one day if someone or something took that ability away from you. A horrible thought but always a possibility. If you hold the key to being healthier why would anyone not use it. You not too young that it doesn’t matter yet and you are never to old to start. That’s why no matter what, just make that effort  to get to the gym, to lace up your sneaks, to get to that class, or that training. Even a bad workout is better than no workout.  Oprah said it best  when referring to exercising. She said “I hated it today and I will hate it again tomorrow, but I do it anyway.” Do it anyway. You will not regret it.




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