The Power of a Workout Buddy

16 02 2011

Buddy Training is a great way to get fit while working out with a friend. This works well if both people share the same fitness goals and are  at the same fitness level. It’s  a great option for those that need extra motivation. People join gyms, attend classes and any number of other things in the journey to achieve good health and fitness. Some things work, some things don’t, some people stick with it, and some people don’t. Over the years I’ve noticed one thing, that however you go about doing it, getting healthy, especially the exercise part, is easier with a friend.

When you work out with a buddy, you have someone to push you, encourage you and motivate you. Many people find it hard to get motivated, and make excuses why they can’t exercise today.  The right workout buddy will give you that kick in the ass to make you meet them at the gym, park or a class.  Call it guilt or accountability but it works.

A buddy is also a great sidekick to checking out a class or trying a new sport or doing a race. Up until a few years ago I had a buddy named Betsy. She moved away. But while she was here I had someone to drag into things that I wanted to do but was either scared or intimidated to try alone. Together we did adventure races, mountain bike races, raced up steps in high-rise buildings, trail ran and a mess of other silly things. I call them silly cause no matter how hard we trained or how hard and long a race was we laughed and gathered up some amazing memories and stories that we will forever have.  Although I might stand at the starting line with a tough look on my face it’s my buddy that knew I was nervous and having a stomach ache.  How? Cause I drove to the race with her saying a hundred times “I’m so nervous I’m gonna vomit.” If it wasn’t for my buddy many a race day mornings I would have stayed in bed.

There are endless reasons that having a work-out buddy is a good idea. Everyone likes knowing that they have support and encouragement while trying to accomplish a difficult task, overcoming unhealthy habits and making life-altering changes both big and small. Don’t just think of buddy training as the two women at the gym with the trainer. I see  guys with their buddies everyday at the gym training. They spot each other and  push each other to lift heavier. I hear the encouragement “It’s all you”, “you got it” “get one”.  That’s buddy training folks. Someone there to push you and encourage you.

So if your feeling uninspired to workout or train whether it be a goal or event in mind get your self a buddy. Like any healthy relationship there can be ups and downs, but the journey is always much more fulfilling when you are sharing it with someone.  And when one buddy quits, leaves, get’s injured or in my case moves away find another buddy. I did and instead of yelling BETSY when I ride I yell KEVIN. When I fall now I show my boo boos to Kevin. When I complain and whine I do this to Kevin.  Poor Kevin, lucky me. lol

Moab - Me and my new buddy. Much taller and handsome. Moab Utah – My new exercise buddy.




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