New Year Resolutions Over Already?

8 01 2011

January 1st New Year Resolution. “I am going to  exercise, join a gym and diet.” Translation for most: ” I am going to throw money out the window each month, pull, sprain and possibly tear something, and eat food that I think is healthy.  Oh how we gym rats hate January. It’s crowded.  Who are these people taking up the machines? Gym owners love it. It’s their money-making month. Personal Trainers  love January. It’s when old clients resurface and new ones emerge. That I can’t complain about since I am a trainer.  But  what does kill me is what I see in January and  during the year but in more abundance in January, people exercising wrong. Using the machines wrong, wrong shoes, wrong squats, wrong lunges, dangerous things with free weights.  I can’t focus on my clients cause there is a circus/freak show going on around me.  Like the lady walking on the treadmill  in heels, people sitting on machines backwards,  free weights being jerked,  people using incorrect technique, holding their breath, lifting too quickly, lifting too crazy,leaning on the cardio machines,talking on cell  phones  and  spot reducing ( there is no such thing folks), to name a few. No warm ups, no cool downs. Just the I am gonna get fit instantly mind-set.

I just left the gym and there were two elderly ladies I will guess in their 70’s walking  I think on the treadmill.  One was on her cell phone.  Their speed was set so slow I think they just hit start and thought that’s how this treadmill works.  Someone get these gals a gatorade. Please someone tell the dudes in jeans how silly they look, someone please explain to people that gatorade is not a healthy drink and that few if any  people in the gym need to replace their electrolytes. If you are at the gym to  burn a couple hundred calories do you really want to drink 310 calories and 42 grams of sugar in a 12 oz gatorade.

The not so shy person I am, when I see someone on a machine wrong or about to hurt themselves  I say something.  I also am a personal trainer and should say something. I would think that’s like being certified in CPR and not helping. Right? Last week at 24 hour fitness in Delray Florida where about 15 trainers were working at one time, I watched as not one went over to correct the many numerous wrong doings going on mainly by seniors. There I was assisting an elderly man  cause I thought pop pop is gonna hurt himself and his daughter and her kids are probably in visiting from Philly and yada yada yada you get it.

So why do the resolutions end. Why do people stop coming to the gym. Two weeks are usually all it takes. Cause they have no routine, no guidance, no knowledge, no plan and that means no results. My blog is not to say hey get a personal trainer however,  I am gonna say hey if you don’t know what you’re doing get your self a personal trainer.  Spend the money and let them at least show you how to use the equipment and give you a plan.  There are some trainers who want you to have to rely on them. Will never explain nor show you a thing to do on your own. In fact some big gym chains insist on this. Be honest and upfront and say I am only looking for a session or two so that I exercise efficiently. A good, experienced trainer will do this.

There are a mess of guidelines for beginning an exercise program. Research the web and educate yourself. Most important is getting the OK from your doctor. There are risks exercising: heart attack, muscle, connective tissue or joint injury, and death. All gyms and most personal trainers require you to sign a liability waiver acknowledging these risks before you work out.

Here’s a little secret and something you should know.  Nicknames exist at the gym you go to. They are given by the staff cause they don’t know the members names. Some of my favorites are the sweater, the cheater, smelly guy, red baron, &%@* on a stick,the actor,  tanorexic girl, etc.  So it’s January and with new members come new acts in the circus.  If your new at exercising get help so that you have an exercise regimen. Wear exercise clothing. Make fitness a habit. But make sure you start a new habit off without bad habits or you might end up with a nickname.

P.S. For those of you who know me and are laughing….I know I am the female sweater.

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11 01 2011

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