New Year Resolutions – Here we go again.

27 12 2010

This is the time of year when most people start to plan for the New Year- new goals & new self improvements. Millions of people make a resolution, most of the time the same one they have made in years past. There are also those who try and try every year, diligently and whole-heartedly, and they fail every year.  What’s wrong with these resolution failing people?  NOTHING! It’s not the person it’s the goal, the resolution. It’s usually the wrong one.  Way too big and one that usually can’t be reached. At least not in two weeks.

First two weeks in January at the gym myself along with others who I work with kid around and say…”Who are these people?” and when people complain about not being able to get on a piece of equipment we say “don’t worry they will all be gone in two weeks.”  80% of resolutions fail.   Peoples biggest mistake is making the wrong resolution. The absolute best resolution is one that is made up of several smaller goals that accumulate to a result in the end. It shouldn’t be written in stone. If you fall off the wagon for a moment you shouldn’t give up but hop right back on. Remember, a major change in one’s life is rarely successful in one try.  Didn’t you try this resolution nonsense last year? I fail mine each year. I am not going to raise my voice at my kids, I am not going to raise my voice at my kids, I AM NOT GOING to  YELL AT MY KIDS.  I think I make it to January 2nd. But wouldn’t it be a much more attainable goal if I said I will only yell at my kids every other day to start? lol  In comparing this to a fitness goal of let’s say loosing weight, or exercise more one needs to make a plan that includes steps.

The first week in January people come to the gym, get on a cardio machine and go crazy, hit some weights like a madman and their done. Next day same thing. By the end of week one they are usually burned out or bored with their exercise and the  scale isn’t showing that they lost a gazillion pounds the first week so already the motivation starts to decrease. We are people who want instant gratification. Well, getting fit isn’t something that you can achieve overnight. Write down your goal. Make a plan. Ask for help. Attack slow and you will win. Make several resolutions, or goals that can be reached for throughout the year. And mostly “Fake it, till you make it!”  Meaning act like you love this fitness stuff and hopefully it will become a habit.  Like brushing your teeth.  Visualize success. Think in terms of day resolutions not years. Remember a New Year begins with a New You. What ever your resolution may be this year I wish you success.


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