Zumba What? Zumba Me? What is Zumba?

18 12 2010

We all know someone who is so sincerely nice and  would do anything for anyone that when they ask you for a favor you just can’t say no. That sums up  my friend and  fitness director at SWEAT Gyms,  Dan.  So that is how I got stuck subbing  a Zumba class today.   The fact is I am a certified Zumba instructor. That basically means I paid some ridiculous amount of money to spend the day in a giant hotel conference room with about 350 other sweaty and smelly  people (not  all fitness instructors) and dance to latin music and hear how I can give Zumba more money monthly for their music, be in their club and wear their logo. Yippee.  End result I leave with a certificate that says….ZUMBA Teacher. Here is where I laugh. I am not a salsa, merangie or latin dancer.  I am a white girl who can shake her ass and keep to a beat. At least I think so.  I did wear leg warmers and danskins in the 80’s.

For those of you not familiar with Zumba it is  a fusion of Latin and international music  that creates a fitness system with the easy-to-guise  Latin style beats and dance moves.  Zumba has become a giant fitness craze mostly cause it’s fun, easy, burns calories and did I say fun.  Is it exercise? Yep. It’s not intense training for an Iron Man and certainly not as hard as spinning, but anyone can do it and make it moderate or more intense to increase the workout to their  fitness level. It’s formatted with fast and slow rhythms and it tones and sculpts the body. You work your legs, arms, core and abs — and most importantly, the heart.

I must say I was a little nervous.  I did head over to LuLuLemon to get cute bootleg  pants to wear. I couldn’t wear my usual smelly bike tights.  I sat with my laptop in bed last night, putting my music together and  throwing in some of my own latinesque type music. Is Johnny Kemps “Just Got Paid” latin music?   As the Zumba peeps arrived I could see the look on their face …. “what is that crazy spin instructor Hope doing here?” I advised all the following: I am your Zumba teacher for the day. I am here against my will. I will not be offended if you walk out of my class. I will promise you that we will burn calories, sweat and have fun.  LETS ZUMBA! Music goes on and  suddenly I am 13 again, in my small bedroom in a row home in Philly, playing my records, wearing a Fonzi t-shirt and dancing in my mirror and no one is watching.  End result I delivered on my promise. We burned calories, we sweated ,we had fun and we shook our asses off. That’s the beauty of Zumba your dancing, having fun and exercising all in one. And by the way no one left during class.  Instructor Joe is back next week. (He is a real salsa dancer)




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