Thanksgiving Calories-Pre burn them or burn them off after?

18 11 2010

Avoiding the foods you love at a holiday dinner is nearly impossible. So do you exercise before or after this giant calorie consumed meal? Well you knew this was coming from me – BOTH.
Ok so you can’t get to my 75 min fabulous Thanksgiving Spin class. Get out and walk, turn on FIT TV and just don’t sit there and watch, do Belly dance, Bollywood, Total Sculpt this and move that with the Israeli Studmuffin Gilad, break out the old Richard Simmons tapes, use your big ball that’s sitting around the house, etc. Whatever you can do to at least know you did something. Exercise before a meal suppresses your appetite and speeds up your metabolism. Start now by adding 4000 steps per day for the next week and pre burn the calories. We are talking the average person eats 3000 calories at their Thanksgiving feast. That’s about 4 hours on a treadmill walking briskly to burn off.

I love the tips on how to avoid over eating at Thanksgiving dinner. My favorite is wear a tight outfit. That’s right head to the dining room table in those skinny jeans that don’t fit you. Or eat 1/2 size portions. (I do like that one) Get away from the table when your full!

Really folks it’s simple. Up the intensity of your workouts during the holiday time. Burn the additional calories you are consuming. Yes, run don’t walk to your workout the day after Thanksgiving. No Black Friday shopping does not count. The scale will tip come Jan 1st and you will not be happy. Most gyms offer special classes the day after Thanksgiving. At Sweat Gym we are having “Burn the Bird”. This is a special class set with Maureen Solomon, Ann Lombardi and Sue Capizzi. I am pretty certain that one of these girls if not all three would kick my butt and make me burn off all of my extra calories I indulged in. Another option…have your favorite trainer lined up to give you an extra special workout/butt kicking session.

Remember, start your morning off with motion. (yes that counts) Make smart choices and get out and exercise and mostly be thankful that you can….get up an exercise.

Happy Thanksgiving

From my family to yours Happy Thanksgiving, Hope




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19 11 2010

Thanks for the pitch! Burn the Bird starts at 9:30 with 30 mins of strength conditioning followed by 90 mins of cardio kickboxing-hang for the full 2 hours or stay as long as you’d like!

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