Wicked Wissy – How lucky we are.

25 10 2010

Yesterday was a beautiful fall day and so with mountain bike at hand I headed down to Wissahickon Park. The park was packed with hikers, bikers, walkers, runners, bird watchers. You name it, all was present. Except the Phillies shirts on some were replaced with Eagles Jersey's.
Fall is my favorite time to mountain bike. Why? Because one the temperature is usually perfect and also because I am a wimp. I question and doubt some of my descents and therefore either fall or get off my bike and walk down something that I should have attempted. But with fall I get leaves. Leaves that cover the path and lines and therefore force me to do things I normally wouldn’t do cause I can’t see what’s underneath. I have no chance to doubt myself and I usually do something I wouldn’t have attempted. In other words I go over a rock, a tree, a drop that I normally would hop off my bike at.
We are so spoiled having such this fabulous park in our back yard. Towering trees, over 215 scenic trails, and the tranquil Wissahickon Creek. Pretty soon before we know winter will hit and I along with my biking friends will cringe at the thought of heading down to the park to ride. But after the first hill “The Monster” we all are pretty much warm up. Yesterday’s fall ride was perfect. Perfect weather and perfect riding company. Gotta keep riding through the winter cause no matter how much I spin there is nothing that makes you better at mountain biking than “Mountain Biking”.
Thank god I just missed Lee and his crew of elite bikers from Bicycle Therapy cause then I get really nervous. In the need for a bike check out Bike Therapy at http://www.bicycletherapy.com/




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